February 25, 2008

Donnie Darko article

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If nothing else, Donnie Darko was at least captivating. It may not have made sense, it might have been a huge clusterfuck of loose ends and lost meaning, but Scott Tobias of The Onion’s AV Club recently wrote a great article about the film, explaining why it came to be such a cult phenomenon. Here’s a snippet from The New Cult Canon: Donnie Darko:

Perhaps we can hammer out the details in the comments section, but here’s my general take on it: When Donnie and his girlfriend go to see Evil Dead at the town’s single-screen theater, the other movie on the marquee is The Last Temptation Of Christ. To me, this is the skeleton key that puts the entire film in perspective: The whole of Donnie Darko is analogous to the infamous dream sequence in Last Temptation, where Christ is on the cross and fantasizes at length about the life he might have had if he rejected God’s plan and embraced his human side. The temptation is appealing: marriage, a home, making love (gasp!) to his wife, having children, etc. Throughout the course of Kelly’s film, Donnie comes to realize the tragic consequences of him not being in his room when the plane engine drops through the ceiling; as much as he endeavors to change the world and bend time in his favor, he eventually has to reconcile to his fate.

Or something to that effect, anyway.

If you enjoyed the movie, or were at least intrigued by it, you should read it.

This video might remind you if you liked it or not:


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