February 27, 2008

who won the debate?

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Some afterthoughts:

– On health care: Hillary’s got more facts and confidence, but their plans are 95% the same. She tried to attack Barack for mailing out fliers with “inaccurate” information about her health plan, but Obama pointed out that not only did he believe his fliers were correct, but that its hypocritical to attack him for sending out mailers when she’s been doing it all along.

– The dress robe picture: Hillary denies she knew anything about it, but she more or less conceded that it could have come from someone in her campaign.

– Hillary complains about “always being asked the first question,” then tried to joke, “Maybe we should ask Barack if he’s comfortable and needs another pillow.” The joke bombed and it was another stupid calculated political move by Hillary that backfired. If she wants to make more fallacious appeals to pity, she should stick with tearing up slightly. That’s emotion you can Xerox!

– Asked if she would reveal her tax returns before next Tuesday, Clinton says: “I will certainly work toward releasing them, and we will get that done and in the public domain.” Obama (who released his tax returns last year) responds: “I think the American people deserve to know where you get your income from.”

– Foreign policy: Obama points out that Hillary’s “experience” isn’t relevant since she voted for the Iraq war after many years of experience, which ended up being a total blunder. He’s not trying to argue that he has experience, but that he has better judgment since he was against it from the start.

– Trade: Obama pointed out that he would make sure companies who create jobs in America instead of shipping them overseas would be the ones getting tax breaks, instead of the other way around. Then he said something like, “It’s hard to take away tax breaks from these companies who are giving away American jobs when you owe favors to them because they are major contributors to your campaign.” Take that!

And of course my Dad always provides much political insight. His thoughts:

Unfortunately, his best line of the night didn’t get any play on the morning-after soundbites.
Hillary always says her strength is that she is a “fighter”.
Obama said, in what I think was the best line of the night, that Hillary didn’t get Universal Health Care back in 1993 because “she was fighting too much.”
“She managed to fight with everybody. Republicans, Independents, and Democrats, including fighting many key people in her own party, and therefore she never developed consensus. She managed to fight with Senator Bradley, and to fight with Senator Moynihan, and to fight with many other key Democrats who should have been brought into the decision process and not alienated from the process.”

By the way, I support Obama.


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