March 10, 2008

moan-day (right?)

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  • Italy’s highest court overturns a rape conviction saying that “women in jeans cannot be raped.”
  • The Wire is over. That was the single most satisfying viewing experience I have ever had and after seeing it, it is impossible to view the world the same way ever again.

    The NY Times ran a great brief editorial on The Wire a little over a year ago, calling it “the closest that moving pictures have come so far to the depth and nuance of the novel.” After reading that, I understood why even after standing on a soapbox and preaching to everyone I know that they must watch The Wire, about 0.02% of those people have actually heeded the call. I suppose its like saying, “What? You haven’t read War and Peace yet??” Yes, watching all five seasons of The Wire seems rather daunting, but then again, its not like you have to fucking read War and Peace.

  • Watch The Wire. Watch The Wire. Watch The Wire.

  • If you’re anything like me, you are also living at near poverty level (which I just learned comes with its own perks, like a nice federal tax refund and a forthcoming stimulus check). Anyway, this article has some tips on how to turn your meager earnings into a slightly less pauper-esque lifestyle. And maybe Mr. Scrooge will give you Christmas day off.
  • Miss Phillipines gives a really well thought-out answer:
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