April 8, 2008

tell your mama, vote for obama!

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  • Part of the changing tide of people leaving Hillary’s camp in support of Obama is due to kids telling their parents to switch. Children are the foremost lobbyists for Obama, and even superdelegate Senators who recently endorsed Obama have cited their little ones as being strong influences. Personally, I don’t know how I feel about this. I am an avid supporter of blindly supporting your parents views, be it their political affiliation or fervent racism. Why are kids trying to change the Perfect Generation?

  • Pamela plus boyfriend Crysst Anjil
    Pamela plus boyfriend Crysst Anjil

  • Pamela Anderson is going to have her own documentary-style TV show on E!. The star of VIP and Barb Wire hasn’t been in the spotlight recently as she has devoted much of her time to finding the perfect Dad for her 10- and 11-year-old sons. She has recently settled for the one who can do real magic.

  • Many of you have probably heard the story about the 52 kids who were removed from a polygamist ranch in El Dorado, Texas. Is this story surprising or somewhat “par for the course” for Texas? Why does this state breed isolated religious cult compounds? Anyway, you should click on this thumbnail to see what these people living in this El Dorado compound looked like. Their hairstyles are a bit outdated, but seeing the beautiful healthy shining hair is still a totally organic experience!
    Is it Pantene Pro-V?

  • Unnecessary Censorship is one of Jimmy Kimmel’s most popular desk pieces. You be the judge!


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