April 10, 2008

afternoon blogfest

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    Sorry for the late start, ladies and gents. Hope you enjoyed the Dangers of News Reporting video for the 10th time, rewinding to see if that airplane wing really did clip that reporter in the back of the head. (It did).

  • This comes from Marty, a sketch aficianado (more so than Knicky-Bocky, no matter how much he loves “Little Britain”). It’s a link to the 50 Greatest Comedy Sketches, including youtube videos of each. Represented here is Mr. Show, The State, SNL, Kids in the Hall, Upright Citizens Brigade, Monty Python, and plenty others. Here’s a taste (#3):

  • Big Mike says he likes this new band called She and Him. It features musician M. Ward paired with actress and surprisingly good singer Zooey Deschanel (you might remember her from “Almost Famous,” or the girl Will Ferrell has a crush on in “Elf,” or as some miserable character in the one-note formulaic bullshit series “Weeds”). Anyway, check ou the link and listen to their MySpace music.

  • Check out this treehouse this insane guy called “Squirrel Man” lives in. Read the article to find out how “The Man” is evicting him from his barely standing rodent sanctuary built from multiple shopping cart loads of garbage.

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