September 4, 2008

a community organizer

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UPDATE: First and foremost, PLEASE READ THIS. It’s a brief article that lays out nicely how many lies and misleading information the Republicans have been spreading throughout their convention. It’s written not by a liberal blogger, but rather the Associated Press.

Here’s a brief video clip of the crowd during Palin’s speech:

And here’s some footage of RNC protesters getting arrested:

The Republican National Convention is turning into the most repulsive thing I’ve ever seen. It seeks to “rally the base” of evangelical Christians, which mostly means mocking and insulting liberals everywhere. In short, they are attempting to ignite the mostly non-existent, except during losing Republican campaigns, “Culture War.” That is not the politics of unity, it is the politics of animosity.

Last night they were firing up the crowd with typical Conservative rhetoric by declaring that “Taxes are too high … he wants to raise them. His tax increases are the fine print in his economic plan…,” which they are allowed to say because Obama does plan to increase taxes for the wealthiest Americans. They don’t mention that he plans to CUT TAXES for 95% of Americans (including me). This is the usual Republican talking point that all liberals raise taxes for everyone, everywhere. But Obama isn’t like that and if you really want to know the complexity Obama’s economic policy (which is an elaborately centralized plan), read this lengthy article in the NY Times. It might surprise you to see how thoughtful and analytical a presidential candidate can be.

And for those who didn’t see Palin’s speech last night, here’s some choice reactions from

But what an unbelievably vicious speech! The nastiness level was just sky-high (or gutter low). And though Palin certainly didn’t write the words she spoke, she sure looked like she enjoyed every second of delivering those zingers. That speech wasn’t meant to inspire—it wasn’t about our better selves or what we might be able to accomplish, as a nation—it was all about rage, sarcasm, resentment, mockery. And the crowd just lapped it up.
-Rosa Brooks

Or how about…

What struck me most, however, is how much the pitbull theme extended to the entire night: The whole tenor of the evening was more mean-spirited than any convention I can remember. The crowd laughed at the mention of Obama being a community organizer during Giuliani’s speech—what I think was not supposed to be a joke but rather a throwaway credit—but I’m sure all those laid-off steelworkers that Obama was working with to rebuild their lives wouldn’t think it was funny. “Proud steelworkers,” as Palin pointed out that her husband was. It’s pretty mean to laugh at someone trying to help those with the true misfortune of a layoff; it seems cruel and unusual that those they were laughing at are professional kin of Palin’s husband.
-Maureen Sullivan

And finally, give it up to Joe Klein for actually saying something about McCain’s attack on the media over his politically expedient VP pick:

“The story of the day out here in Minneapolis is the McCain campaign’s war against the press. This has been building for some time. Those of us who have criticized the candidate–and especially those of us who enjoyed good relations with McCain in the past–have been subject to off-the-record browbeating and attempted bullying all year. But things have gotten much worse in recent days: there was McCain’s rude, bizarre interview with Time Magazine last week. Yesterday, McCain refused to an interview with Larry King, for God’s sake, because Campbell Brown had been caught in the commission of journalism on CNN the night before, asking McCain spokesman Tucker Bounds what decisions Sarah Palin had made as commander-in-chief of the Alaska national guard. (There was an answer that the unprepared Bounds didn’t have: she had deployed them to fight fires.)”

Good thing not very many people are watching the RNC


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