September 16, 2008

great day in the mornin’

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From Teammate Phil comes an article from Slate magazine. While McCain has made it clear that he will willingly tell lies during his campaign (did you know he created the BlackBerry?), he’s also telling lies by accident! Whenever he guarantees that the economy will be better by enforcing his own Republican policies, its essentially a lie because the economy does better when a Democrat is in office. The numbers don’t lie, folks. And neither does Teammate Phil.

What’s this about a surge working?

So, that last Obama ad I posted on here wasn’t actually from the Obama Campaign. It was from or some such organization. The Obama Campaign has unleashed a flurry of new ads, mostly targeted at (you guessed it!) Iowa, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Michigan, New Mexico, and Wisconsin.

Here’s one of the more damning ads against McCain. A good demonstration of how the McCain-Palin strategy of trying to drag Obama’s name through the mud (via a whole lot of lies) is really backfiring. Palin’s bubble is going to burst.

Svetlana Pankratova’s 52-inch legs are the longest in the world and He Pingping is the smallest man at just over 29 inches. Apparently for this photo, Svetlana was on her way to a Sex and the City costume party and He Pingping was on his way to the movie premiere of The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, where he played an elderly-looking baby Brad Pitt.


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