October 23, 2008

i couldn’t agree with him more

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I always start my morning off with a joke from Jimmy Kimmel!

“Barack Obama is taking time off from campaigning to visit his sick grandmother in Hawaii.

Sarah Palin had a good thought. She suggested that while Barack Obama is over in Hawaii, it might be a good idea for him to keep an eye on Japan.”

– Jimmy Kimmel

And now, to videos and pictures that make fun of Republicans!

  • The Republicans spent $150,000 on Sarah Palin’s wardrobe in ONLY SEPTEMBER. And yet, as fashion conscious as she is, Palin still committed a major faux paus in the GOP – wearing a patriotic scarf with donkeys on it (i.e. a piece of Democratic “flair”).

  • And now, onto McCain saying inappropriate things! First, here’s McCain saying the C-Word by accident:

    Now that is just plain silly! And its also very funny to keep hitting “Play” over and over again… :)
  • This video comes from Long-time “Re: and boom goes the dynamite” E-Mail Chain Contributor, Kate Condog. Here’s McCain having a pretty classic senior moment. He doesn’t just trip over his words, he falls down a couple flights of stump speech scriptwriting. Re-watch it just to see the expression on Cindy McCain’s face change.


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