November 6, 2008

“obama win causes obsessive supporters to realize how empty their lives are”

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That’s one of the headlines from The Onion this week (with accompanying “Onion News Network” video).

It is truly unbelievable to think that the election is finally over. No more campaign analysis, no more election day predictions, no more fervent squabbling between rabid liberals and angry conservatives over who should be the next President. Obama won and the whole entire world is completely enamored with the guy (at least from what I gather from these 700 newspaper headlines).

I was at the rally in Grant Park on Tuesday night with Roommate Eric. We got there around 5pm CST and we entered the park around 7:45pm. We had tickets (along with 65,000 others) and were lucky enough to be amongst the first 5,000-10,000 supporters there. The nervous energy and excitement was completely off the charts. There were a lot of spontaneous “O-BA-MA!” and “YES WE CAN!” chants throughout the evening. To keep up with the projections, we watched big Jumbotrons that aired CNN (and played music during commercials). Also, we were surrounded by people in the crowd with iPhones and Blackberries that were getting email updates and checking websites for other projections. I, myself, received a text from Knicky Bocky that said “MSNBC JUST CALLED OHIO FOR OBAMA,” well before CNN called it.

My friend Jack Link was lucky enough to obtain a press pass (a feat which required more credentials than writing for a personal blog, apparently…). When I went over to the press area to meet up with Jack, I was inadvertently thrust into an interview with a Dutch radio station. Jack caught a picture of the encounter:


I might keep adding links about interesting news items to come out of the election fallout, but really I think we need a fucking breather before we get all worked up again. I’ll leave you with a couple videos I shot while at the rally. And my pictures.

In this video, the whole crowd was watching one of the CNN Jumbotrons. Wolf Blitzer just finished counting down the polls closing on the west coast, and everyone is in the middle of cheering. A few seconds in, the Jumbotron showed CNN projecting Obama the winner and that’s when the crowd went nuts.

Here is the crowd anxiously awaiting the arrival of our President-Elect. When they finally announce him, check out the number of cameras thrust into the air.

One final note: For those who didn’t see South Park last night, go check out the episode (for free!) at South Park Studios. It is about the election and includes references to things said and events from the night before. Incredible how they are able to SouthParkify current events in less than 24 hours before they broadcast. Also, it is absolutely hilarious.



  1. Area Man Names New Epic Beard “Barry” After Epic Presidential Election.

    Comment by Area Man — November 6, 2008 @ 11:37 am | Reply

  2. Are you going to retire your blog now that the election is over?

    Comment by Spencer — November 11, 2008 @ 12:08 pm | Reply

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