November 18, 2008

oh real pirates

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So, maybe you noticed I rarely post on this blog anymore since the election. I suppose I’m finding it harder to get excited about posting without a intense political campaign to use as fodder for loudmouth political rants. I suppose SNL might feel the same way about now having to write decent original sketches to maintain their viewership, rather than rely on super-topical political satire. I predict there will be a giant shift in the public consciousness when, during an upcoming “SNL Digital Short” segment, all of America collectively realizes how much these shorts fucking suck. Some will think, “Hmm…if I mentally remove all the slick editing and the cool musical soundtrack, the premise of this short is miserably bad.” Some might even think, “Wow. Have I really not noticed that Andy Samberg is a total douchebag?”

So to sum up, my political rants will now morph into rants about other things that do not please me.


News item:


They stole this ship!

They stole this ship!

Pirates still exist and they’re holding a tanker holding $100 million worth of oil hostage. PIRATES AREN’T SO FUNNY NOW ARE THEY, EVERY-GUY-WHO-WENT-AS-JACK-SPARROW-FOR-HALLOWEEN?

Good pal and confidant Herr Spencer from Historic Hermann, MO told me about a really wonderful website where you can stream ALL SORTS of music. Find it here: One tip when you get to the site: hit “pause scrolling.” Then search for what you like.



  1. I hate Andy Samberg too. Every part of the douchebag: from his smug looks during the opening credits to every lame circlejerk known as the Digital Short. I liked the shorts better when they featured other, more talented performers like Will forte’s Close Talker. Did you see the most recent Digital Short with Paul Rudd? Unfunny premise based on shock vulgarity and violence.

    Have you gotten around to the Kristen Wiig sketches yet? The original surprise party had a great energy to it until it copped out with its ending. Track it down and watch it because it’s some of the funniest, apolitical crap SNL has done in a while. Even some of the political shit has been weak (esp. Fred Armisen as Obama).

    Comment by unclegrumble — November 18, 2008 @ 10:25 am | Reply

  2. I googled “I hate Andy Samberg” just to find others who agree with me. Not funny just seems too weak. Every time I watch SNL, which is becoming less and less frequent, even if Samberg is not in the skit, I have this image of him and his buddies (what’s their name, Yorma and Akiva, something like that?) giggling to themselves around a computer five minutes before the show. Like with gaping mouths, marvelling at their own genius, thinking up more non-sequitors to get that random-shock laugh. Or maybe Andy at his family’s house for thanksgiving with that giant shit-eating grin as his mom says to his aunts and uncles, “Andy is a professional writer in New York now, isn’t that right Andy?” Unbelievable. There are so many writers better than he is. What kind of world is this? Whose nephew is he?

    Comment by the Jewish Ham — December 15, 2008 @ 3:30 pm | Reply

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