November 12, 2008

google’s sick surveillance!

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That was the headline from the Drudge Report yesterday. It makes it sound like Google is spying on people through the windows of their house. BUT ACTUALLY Google has figured out how to track “flu activity” based on aggregating the number of searches for “flu symptoms,” “chest congestion,” etc., in a given reason. These Google search trends have been show to work over the past year, out-tracking the CDC’s own influenza surveillance methods by about a week.


November 6, 2008

“obama win causes obsessive supporters to realize how empty their lives are”

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That’s one of the headlines from The Onion this week (with accompanying “Onion News Network” video).

It is truly unbelievable to think that the election is finally over. No more campaign analysis, no more election day predictions, no more fervent squabbling between rabid liberals and angry conservatives over who should be the next President. Obama won and the whole entire world is completely enamored with the guy (at least from what I gather from these 700 newspaper headlines).

I was at the rally in Grant Park on Tuesday night with Roommate Eric. We got there around 5pm CST and we entered the park around 7:45pm. We had tickets (along with 65,000 others) and were lucky enough to be amongst the first 5,000-10,000 supporters there. The nervous energy and excitement was completely off the charts. There were a lot of spontaneous “O-BA-MA!” and “YES WE CAN!” chants throughout the evening. To keep up with the projections, we watched big Jumbotrons that aired CNN (and played music during commercials). Also, we were surrounded by people in the crowd with iPhones and Blackberries that were getting email updates and checking websites for other projections. I, myself, received a text from Knicky Bocky that said “MSNBC JUST CALLED OHIO FOR OBAMA,” well before CNN called it.

My friend Jack Link was lucky enough to obtain a press pass (a feat which required more credentials than writing for a personal blog, apparently…). When I went over to the press area to meet up with Jack, I was inadvertently thrust into an interview with a Dutch radio station. Jack caught a picture of the encounter:


I might keep adding links about interesting news items to come out of the election fallout, but really I think we need a fucking breather before we get all worked up again. I’ll leave you with a couple videos I shot while at the rally. And my pictures.

In this video, the whole crowd was watching one of the CNN Jumbotrons. Wolf Blitzer just finished counting down the polls closing on the west coast, and everyone is in the middle of cheering. A few seconds in, the Jumbotron showed CNN projecting Obama the winner and that’s when the crowd went nuts.

Here is the crowd anxiously awaiting the arrival of our President-Elect. When they finally announce him, check out the number of cameras thrust into the air.

One final note: For those who didn’t see South Park last night, go check out the episode (for free!) at South Park Studios. It is about the election and includes references to things said and events from the night before. Incredible how they are able to SouthParkify current events in less than 24 hours before they broadcast. Also, it is absolutely hilarious.

November 3, 2008

folksy and sarkozy

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“A Quebec comedy duo notorious for prank calls to celebrities and heads of state has reached Sarah Palin, convincing the Republican vice-presidential nominee she was speaking with French President Nicolas Sarkozy.”

Also, go watch McCain on SNL. It’s on Hulu.

October 30, 2008


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Goofy Picture, Email from Obama Campaign, a Letterman Joke, and a Tearjerker.

Wait a second-!

Wait a second-!


I tried to apply for a Press Pass to the Obama Election Night Party. I cited this blog as my “Media Outlet.” Unfortunately, a week later, they sent me this email:

To Whom It May Concern:

Due to the number of credentialing requests made for our Election Night event we are unfortunately unable to accommodate your request for General Media Area credentials. We appreciate your interest in the campaign and apologize for our inability to accommodate your media outlet.


Election Night Credentials

Apparently BLOGSDON is not “mainstream” enough to be considered a legitimate news outlet. I don’t know how many more youtube videos and links to other websites I have to put on here in order to make it a legitimate news site. This is another example of big media conglomerates trying to squash the grass roots journalists like myself. Obama is in the tank for people who can afford vans with satellites on the roof.


A joke:

Alaska Senator Ted Stevens has been convicted on seven counts of fraud and corruption.

Alaskan authorities were tipped off to Steven’s activities by Russians who’d been watching with binoculars.

– David Letterman


And now a heartwarming video from the Obama campaign

October 29, 2008

change we need! change we need!

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Fellow Labmate Lauren found this peculiar little story yesterday in the Chicago Tribune. The article (which you can read here) is about a Japanese man named Nozomu Sato who is a dedicated Obama impersonator. He’s 5′ 7″, speaks very little English, and his impersonation consists mostly of him shouting, “My name is Barack Obama! Change we need! Yes we can!

Apparently this guy is a Japanese comedian who impersonates Barack Obama on TV shows (and on his own blog). The Japanese Obama went around Hyde Park (the location of Obama’s home in Chicago and also where I work) trying to live the life of Barack Obama. He went to Barack’s barbershop where he had the following exchange with the barber:

Japanese Obama: “Ehh, Obama … cut?”

Zariff: “Yup.”

“Where, ehh, Obama, ehh, chair?”

“Right here.”

“This … Obama … chair?!”

Read the article! If for nothing else, you have to go watch the video on the Tribune website of this guy’s Obama impersonation. It’s spot-on!

October 28, 2008

i kid you not

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So, Sarah Palin recently denounced spending on fruit-fly research, saying that it was the kind of elitist research that takes place in “France.” Nevermind that the fruit fly (Drosophila melanogaster) is one of the most useful laboratory specimens for researching JUST ABOUT EVERYTHING. Please read the article in Slate by Christopher Hitchens called “Sarah Palin’s War on Science.” Palin is like a middle school kid who thinks its cool to be dumb. Just like this Kaiser Chief’s song (which I really like)!

October 27, 2008

i’m on a drinking team with a bowling problem

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Let’s start this Monday off with a youtube clip related to the McCain campaign. This comes from Half-Elf Cleric Sean, who told me about this political-themed news minutes before showtime backstage at our political-themed show. While I enjoyed the content and delivery of the story, I thought his timing was inappropriate.

Senator John McCain’s brother Joe McCain calls 911 for a traffic report:

October 24, 2008

goofy picture day!

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I have some new GOOFY PICTURE submissions for you!

From Joe Custard:

Not only do I have a sweet beard, Im also proficient with Photoshop.

Not only do I have a sweet beard, I'm also proficient with Photoshop.

From Anonymous Giggles:

Stick em up!

Stick 'em up!


And now for a TGIF edition of…. Late Night Joke Time:

A spokesman for United Arab Emirates Airlines says it will launch non-stop flights from the United States to Dubai.

The spokesman said, “We want to give Americans a chance to visit their money.”

– Conan O’Brien


You know what? I don’t think we have enough goofy pictures to look at on the internet. So without further ado:

Are these planes happy to see each other or WHAT?

Are these planes happy to see each other or WHAT?

one electric and one ac-moo-stic.

I have two guitars: one electric and one ac-moo-stic.

Theyll never know....

They'll never know....


October 23, 2008

i couldn’t agree with him more

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I always start my morning off with a joke from Jimmy Kimmel!

“Barack Obama is taking time off from campaigning to visit his sick grandmother in Hawaii.

Sarah Palin had a good thought. She suggested that while Barack Obama is over in Hawaii, it might be a good idea for him to keep an eye on Japan.”

– Jimmy Kimmel

And now, to videos and pictures that make fun of Republicans!

  • The Republicans spent $150,000 on Sarah Palin’s wardrobe in ONLY SEPTEMBER. And yet, as fashion conscious as she is, Palin still committed a major faux paus in the GOP – wearing a patriotic scarf with donkeys on it (i.e. a piece of Democratic “flair”).

  • And now, onto McCain saying inappropriate things! First, here’s McCain saying the C-Word by accident:

    Now that is just plain silly! And its also very funny to keep hitting “Play” over and over again… :)
  • This video comes from Long-time “Re: and boom goes the dynamite” E-Mail Chain Contributor, Kate Condog. Here’s McCain having a pretty classic senior moment. He doesn’t just trip over his words, he falls down a couple flights of stump speech scriptwriting. Re-watch it just to see the expression on Cindy McCain’s face change.

October 22, 2008

different things on different days

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The Daily Show had a funny segment on the current Mayor of Wasilla, Alaska. Check it out here. Now this is a Pro-America town!

Then make sure to to take the Daily Show’s “Are You a Real American? Quiz!”

And if you want to know how Jon Stewart really feels about Sarah Palin’s whole “Pro-America” pandering campaign, read this article at Huffington Post or watch the uncensored video below.

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